Monday, Feb. 13

Š       US House committee on tax oversight decided not to ask Trump for his tax returns.

Š       Steven Mnuchin confirmed as Treasury secretary.

Š       Federal judge in Virginia ruled Trump’s immigration ban will remain suspended despite a request for a rehearing.

Š       Following criticism for mishandling intelligence documents, Trump openly discussed national security policy about North Korean ballistic missiles in full view of diners at his private club.

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Š       National security advisor Michael Flynn resigned.

Š       Regarding Flynn’s resignation, Trump tweeted, “The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?”

Š       FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney, pushed to repeal net neutrality reform.

Š       Trump signed a law repealing 2010 Dodd-Frank rule mandating energy companies to report royalties and payments to foreign governments related to oil, natural gas, coal and minerals. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson led opposition to this rule. Some lawmakers criticize that repealing the rule will cause millions of dollars of U.S. citizens and investors to “vanish into the pockets of corrupt foreign oligarchs.”

Š       White House said Trump wouldn’t seek to impose a two-state solution for the Israel-Palestinian conflict — a break with a decades-long American posture.

Š       HR1031 and S370, House and Senate bills introduced to eliminate the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

Š       HCR23, a House resolution introduced establishing a joint Committee on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Wednesday, Feb. 15

Š       Trump campaign chair, campaign officials and associates made repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence during the year leading up to the election. Trump reacted to revelations by saying, “The fake news media is going crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred.” Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort resigned from the Trump campaign last August amid controversy over his lobbying work for pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarchs.

Š       Andy Puzder, Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, withdrew his nomination.

Š       Trump nominated Alexander Acosta to serve as U.S. Secretary of Labor.

Thursday, Feb. 16

Š       Democrats introduced bipartisan House bill that would prevent Trump from lifting Russia sanctions without Congressional approval.

Š       Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were reportedly told they could not attend a meeting about deportations and raids with ICE acting director Thomas Homan. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez said, “I’ve been here 25 years and I’ve never been told by the Speaker of the House that I can’t attend a meeting I’ve requested.”

Š       Nikki Haley, U.S. envoy to the UN, says U.S. still backs two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians.

Š       Trump signed a bill repealing a rule preventing coal companies from dumping mining waste in streams.

Friday, Feb. 17

Š       Following a press conference, Trump blasted the media as “the opposition party” and “the enemy of the American people.”

Š       FBI Director Comey met with lawmakers from the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors over contacts between members of Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.

Š       EPA employees urged their senators to vote against the confirmation of Scott Pruitt.

Š       Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator.

Š       Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lays off employees at State Department.

Š       The Federal Trade Commission approved the Enbridge-Spectra merger after approving the Dakota Access Pipeline and reversing the blocked Keystone XL pipeline.

Saturday, Feb. 18

Š       Former CIA Director David Petraeus pulled his name from consideration to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser.

Š       Vice President Mike Pence sought to calm jittery European partners by declaring the U.S. under Trump, would “hold Russia accountable” and maintain steadfast support for NATO, the military alliance Trump once dismissed as “obsolete.”

Š       Trump held a campaign rally at Orlando airport, sponsored by the Re-Elect Trump 2020 Committee. At the rally, Trump erroneously said Sweden, because they “took in large numbers” of refugees, is “having problems like they never thought possible.” Sweden denies any problem.

Š       Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly signed sweeping new guidelines to more aggressively detain and deport illegal immigrants, with plans to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, expand the pool of immigrants prioritized for removal, speed up deportation hearings and enlist local law enforcement to help make arrests.

Sunday, Feb. 19 (Day 31)

Š       In opposition to Trump, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he does not see the media as the enemy of the American people.

Š       The Senate Intelligence Committee sent formal requests to more than a dozen organizations, agencies and individuals, asking them to preserve all materials related to the committee's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.