Monday, March 13  

Š       Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare would leave 24 million uninsured over the next decade.

Š       The Trump administration considered a military proposal that would designate various undeclared battlefields worldwide to be “temporary areas of active hostility.”

Š       The Trump administration told the State Department to cut more than 50 percent of U.S. funding to U.N. programs.

Š       The U.S., as part of its military escalation, declared it will permanently station missile-capable drones in South Korea.

Š       Trump announced nomination of Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who has deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry, to head the FDA.

Tuesday, March 14

Š       The U.S. charged two Russian Federal Security Service officers and two others for computer hacking, economic espionage and other criminal offenses relating to the hacking of Yahoo.

Š       The Trump administration indicated it will send up to 1,000 more ground troops into Syria ahead of Raqqa offensive and, gave the Pentagon 30 days to prepare a counter Islamic State plan.

Š       The White House launched an intensive effort to salvage support to revise the Affordable Care Act as a growing number of lawmakers weighed in against the proposal.

Š       Michael Flynn retroactively registered as a foreign agent and, by doing so, shed new light on the Trump-Russia scandal exposing Trump and Pence lied about it to the public.

Wednesday, March 15

Š       New Medicaid chief Seema Verma and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price sent a letter to all governors urging them to change the insurance program for the nation’s poor by imposing insurance premiums, charging them for part of emergency room bills and prodding them to get jobs.

Š       Trump’s leaked 2005 tax return revealed he paid $38 million in a single year because of a tax rule, the “alternative minimum tax (AMT),” that he has specifically promised to abolish as president. The AMTS was introduced to ensure the wealthy pay a fair share of tax.

Š       The Trump administration moved ahead with plans to make it easier for the CIA and the military to target terrorists with drone strikes, even if it means more civilian casualties.

Š       A district judge in Honolulu blocked Trump’s revised travel ban just hours before it was scheduled to go into effect.

Š       Senate bill S659 introduced to impose sanctions with respect to the People’s Republic of China in relation to activities in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

Š       Senate bill S668 introduced to nullify the effect of the recent executive order regarding border security and immigration enforcement.

Thursday, March 16

Š       Congressional Republicans sharply criticized Trump’s budget. His proposed budget would axe 62 agencies and programs, mostly for arts, medical and scientific research, and the poor.

Š       Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggested that Obama used British intelligence to spy on Trump, forcing Spicer to later apologize to Britain.

Š       House bill HR1584 introduced to prohibit the taking, importation, and exportation of Orcas and Orca products for public display.

Š       House resolution HRes203 requested the Attorney General to submit Trump’s tweets regarding Obama’s wiretapping of Trump Tower to the House of Representatives.

Friday, March 17

Š       Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. is prepared to take military action against North Korea if necessary.

Š       U.S. airstrike in Syria hit a mosque, killing more than 40 people.

Š       The House approved legislation allowing about 170,000 veterans who are “mentally incapacitated, deemed mentally incompetent” to buy guns.

Š       Former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara was fired while investigating stock trades of health-related companies made by HHS secretary Tom Price while Price was working on legislation for those companies.

Š       The Trump administration revoked federal guidance that barred student debt collectors from charging high fees on past-due student loans.

Š       House bill HR1593 introduced to repeal the corporate average fuel economy standards.

Š       House bill HR1598 introduced to … divide the 9th Judicial Circuit of the United States into 2 circuits.

Saturday, March 18

Š       U.S. allies warned against the perils of trade protectionism after the Trump administration rejected a free-trade statement at the G-20 meeting.

Š       Trump administration ignored appeals to shut down a 52-year-old pipeline that has been leaking natural gas into Alaska’s Cook Inlet for 3-months.

Š       Trump sent judges to 12 sanctuary cities to ramp up deportations of undocumented persons with outstanding criminal charges.

Š       Paul Ryan, House Speaker, said he’d been dreaming about kicking the poor off Medicaid since he was a fraternity boy.

Š       Trump tweeted that Germany owes America “vast sums of money” for NATO. U.S. ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, pointed out Trump’s false logic saying, “Trump’s comments misrepresent the way NATO functions.”

Sunday, March 19  

Š       Trump, who signed an executive order in January to curtail lobbying influence in government, was expected to name a coal lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler, as the new deputy administrator to the EPA.

Š       The Trump administration has threatened court action to try to bring the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under its control, claiming that it violates the Constitution.