Monday, June 5

Š       Officials in Arizona and Utah urged the Trump administration to roll back Obama-era environmental protections that ban new uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.

Š       President Donald Trump’s budget proposal kills a campus-based childcare program for low-income students.

Š       The Brookings Institution reported that the $110 billion arms deal Trump cut with Saudi Arabia is fake news created by the White House.

Š       Reality Leigh Winner, a government contractor, was charged with mishandling classified information in an NSA document leak case.

Š       White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump will not invoke executive privilege to prevent former FBI director James Comey from testifying before senators.

Š       The Trump Organization announced plans to launch a chain of three-star hotels targeting Americans who voted for Trump -- a vivid example of how the Trump family is transforming the presidency into a for-profit family business.

Tuesday, June 6

Š       According to the Washington Post, EPA chief Scott Pruitt is misleading people with the claim that 50,000 jobs were added to the coal sector since the fourth quarter of last year when, in reality, there are only about 50,000 jobs in coal in total.

Š       The Trump administration says the US might pull out of the UN Human Rights Council unless it stops whitewashing dictators’ abuses and unfair attacks on Israel.

Š       Canada said it will increase its military spending because it can no longer rely on the US for leadership on the world stage.

Š       According to ProPublica, financial disclosure forms for 349 Trump officials, many of whom are ex-lobbyists and ex-political consultants, reveal they have conflicts of interest.

Š       The Trump administration prosecuted Reality Winner for leaking file on Russia election hacking.

Š       Trump announced he would nominate Christopher Wray to replace Comey as FBI chief.

Š       Congressman Clay Higgins called for violence against Muslims by posting on Facebook that all “radicalized Islamic suspects” should be hunted down and killed.

Š       In an effort to counter Trump’s anti-choice misinformation, Senator Patty Murry circulated an 11-page memo about Health and Human Services’ Charmaine Yoest, who claims that abortion causes breast cancer, and Teresa Manning, who says contraception doesn’t work.

Š       The Securing America’s Future Elections (SAFE) Act was introduced to safeguard US elections by requiring paper ballots be submitted with all electronic voting machines.

Wednesday, June 7

Š       Senator Daniel Coats, director of the Senate’s National Intelligence, told associates in March that Trump asked him if he could intervene with Comey to get the FBI to back off its Russia probe of Michael Flynn.

Š       The Guardian UK reported that Trump’s newly created and esoteric immigration courts are fast-tracking deportations -- thus evading scrutiny and increasing the risk of due process.

Š       Seven states have sued the EPA for failing to implement the ban on chlorpyrifos, a pesticide linked to brain damage.

Š       The Intercept reported that Russian military intelligence attempted to cyber-attack a US voting software supplier and more than 100 local election officials prior to the November election. It is inconclusive if the hacking had any impact on the outcome of the election.

Š       Former national intelligence director James Clapp said that Watergate pales in comparison with the current Trump-Russia scandal.

Š       Former FBI Director Comey testified that Trump told him at the White House “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.’’

Š       Four law firms have refused to represent Trump over concerns that Trump would not take their advice.

Š       Forbes magazine reported that the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which has come under previous scrutiny for advancing Trump’s interests rather than those of charity, apparently used the Eric Trump Foundation to funnel $100,000 in donations into revenue for the Trump organization.

Š       The European Union unveiled a defense spending plan to operate as a military power and urged the US under Trump to remain on the world stage.

Š       Attorney General Sessions said the Justice Department will no longer give money to community groups -- money that came from fraud settlements with corporate wrongdoers – an Obama-era practice opposed by conservative groups.

Š       The LA Times reported that Trump has yet to have a meeting, or even a conversation, with top US commanders in either Iraq or Afghanistan, something that both presidents Obama and Bush did almost weekly.

Thursday, June 8

Š       ThinkProgress reported that native Americans and Alaska natives will disproportionately suffer under the GOP’s healthcare plan.

Š       Trump announced his intention to nominate Jeffrey Bossert Clark, an attorney who defended British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill, to head the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division.

Š       Former FBI director Comey testified he could not trust Trump to tell the truth prompting him to document their private conversations and make those conversations public to encourage the appointment of a special counsel for a Russia probe.

Š       The Washington Post reported that former FBI director Comey essentially laid out an obstruction of justice case against Trump.

Š       Former FBI director Comey testified that the Trump administration told “lies, plain and simple” about him and the FBI to rationalize his being fired.

Š       The Center for Media and Democracy uncovered that Tucker Carlson, a FOX News’ primetime anchor, received a six-figure sum from the Trump campaign through his charity, the Daily Caller News foundation, for email lists and biased FOX media support.

Š       CNBC reported that Trump’s proposed budget cuts to food stamps includes a plan to charge a fee to retailers that accept stamps.

Š       The House overwhelmingly passed the Financial Choice Act that kills the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulations and weakens the ability of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to do much of their oversight and enforcement work.

Š       The LA Times reported that Republican support and lauding of Comey during Senate hearings questions the president’s credibility by members of his own party and that “stands alone in the history of modern political scandals.”

Š       Rewire reported that Valerie Huber, a prominent leader of the abstinence-only-until-marriage movement, has been named chief of staff in the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Š       Rewire reported that Trump’s budget proposes about $160 million in funding for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs over two years.

Friday, June 9

Š       Trump’s plan to file a complaint about Comey, according to the Washington Post, is “initiating an investigation because you don’t like somebody’s testimony,” and “could be considered obstruction…and evidence of retaliation and, under some laws, could be an adverse retaliatory act itself.”

Š       The Huffington Post reported that the Trump administration has started targeting hundreds of undocumented immigrants who were given reprieves from deportation by Obama.

Š       Mother Jones reported the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that asks whether the government can get records from phone companies showing the location of cell phone customers without first obtaining a warrant.

Š       Motions filed by the Trump administration and the fossil fuel industry to appeal a youth climate lawsuit were denied by Federal Court Judge Ann Aiken.

Š       Trump’s attorney, Marc Kasowitz, who represents Trump in the Russia investigation, has represented Russian oligarchs with close ties to Putin.

Saturday, June 10

Š       In an effort to have a lawsuit against Trump thrown out, the Justice Department has argued that the foreign emoluments clause doesn’t apply to “fair-market commercial transactions” like payments for hotel rooms and golf club fees.

Š       Thirteen Republican senators, all men, have been writing a new healthcare bill in secret. When Senator Claire McCaskill asked if there will be a hearing on this new bill before a Senate vote, the answer was “no.”

Sunday, June 11

Š       Trump spoke at the Faith and Freedom Conference, which opposes same-sex marriage, as LGBT’s celebrated National Pride Month with parades around the nation. Trump said, “It is time to put a stop to the attacks on religion.”

Š       Attorney General Sessions is scheduled to testify publicly next Tuesday about questions raised by Comey’s testimony.

Š       Senators called for the White House to release tapes that may exist of private conversations between Comey and Trump.

Š       Trump’s lawyer announced that Trump will not unconditionally cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.