Monday, June 12

       Attorney generals for DC and Maryland sued President Donald Trump alleging he violated anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution by accepting money from foreign governments since becoming president.

       The federal appeals court upheld the freeze on Trumps travel ban.

       Trump cancelled his state visit to Britain until the British public supports him coming.

       Puerto Rico voted to become the 51st state.

       Senator Mitch McConnell and Republican leaders said they want a vote before the July 4th Congressional recess on new healthcare legislation being drafted in secret by Republican senators — with no plans to release the details.

       Congressman Brad Sherman drafted an article of impeachment against Trump with plans to introduce it on the House floor.

       The House passed two energy bills promoting renewable energy in schools and in workforce education.

Tuesday, June 13

       Trump considered firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

       Classified information released by Reality Winner revealed that Russias cyberattack on the US electoral system was more widespread than previously acknowledged.

       A newly released letter made public that Attorney General Sessions asked congressional leaders to reverse federal medical-marijuana protections.

       Statistics from Immigration Services released last week showed that more than 17,000 undocumented immigrants have been granted work permits by the Trump administration.

       Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said there is no good cause to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

       Trumps personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, boasted to friends that he played a key role in Trumps firing of US Attorney Preet Bharara.

       Attorney General Sessions testified before Congress defending his actions and rejecting any assertions of improper contacts with Russian officials.

Wednesday, June 14

       House majority whip Steve Scalise was shot by a lone gunman during a congressional baseball practice in Virginia.

       Human Rights Watch criticized the US for the use of artillery-delivered white phosphorous in Iraq and Syria that causes severe and lethal burns.

       The Washington Post reported that Trump phoned the mayor of a shrinking Chesapeake Bay island and told him not to worry about rising seas caused by climate change.

       After the shooting of congressman Steve Scalise, the House cancelled a hearing on deregulating gun silencers.

       UN war crimes investigators charged the US backed campaign to reclaim Raqqa with the death of 300 civilians.

Thursday, June 15

       The Trump administration has rolled back civil rights efforts across the federal government.

       ThinkProgress reported that health and farmworker organizations filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure.

       A federal judge ruled that permits authorizing the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross the Missouri River violated the law because impacts on fishing and other rights were not adequately considered. Also influencing the decision was Energy Transfer Partners reckless spill record.

       American lobbyist for Russian interests, Richard Burt, said he attended dinners hosted by Attorney General Sessions, contradicting Sessions testimony to Congress.

       Paul Manafort, Trumps former campaign chairman, said he still works with and influences Trump even though hes being investigated by the FBI regarding the Russia probe.

       The US removed 17 nature reserves under the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

       Vice President Pence hired a private lawyer to advise and represent him in the Russian election probe.

       Trump tweeted his concern and anger over reports that special counsel Mueller is investigating the finances and business dealings of Trumps son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner.

       Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt appointed attorney Patrick Traylor, who represented companies owned by the Koch brothers and other oil energy industry giants, as a deputy in the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.

       Qatar signed a $12 billion deal for US F-15 fighter jets just days after Trump accused them of being a high-level sponsor of terrorism.

       Trump was accused by 196 Democratic representatives, with plans to sue him, for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments.

       Trump is seeking to eliminate energy efficiency requirements for appliances and automobiles in an effort that will cost consumers trillions of dollars over time.

       Eleven state attorneys general joined environmentalists in suing the Department of Energy (DOE) over energy efficiency regulations that the Trump administration has stopped from taking effect.

       The DOE closed the Office of International Climate and Technology that works with other countries to develop clean energy technology.

       The EPA announced it wants to delay a methane rule for two years that limits methane emissions from oil and gas operations.

Friday, June 16

       Trump tweeted, I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt, referring to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

       Trump tweeted, Despite the phony Witch Hunt going on in America, the economic & jobs numbers are great. Regulations way down, jobs and enthusiasm way up!

       Trump rolled back Obama-era Cuba policies with a new policy toward Cuba that limits tourist travel and prohibits any commercial dealings with Cubas military. These changes will not be effective until the Treasury and Commerce Departments issue new regulations, which could take months.

       The Washington Post reported that as the owner of a real estate company with a big stake in hotels and resorts, Trump brings an added element to an issue that is unique to his presidency — the ability, through his official actions, to undermine a growth area for his industry rivals who have raced in recent years to establish a foothold in a lucrative new market.

       Using military style tactics, US Border Patrol agents raided a facility delivering medical aid to refugees run by the Unitarian Universalist church near the US-Mexico border.

       The Associated Press reported that the Pentagon will send an additional 4,000 US forces to Afghanistan.

       Trump reversed his campaign promise by announcing that Dreamers will be allowed to stay in the US, but that this new policy may change over the long-term.

       The New York Daily News reported that Trump has appointed longtime loyalist Lynne Patton — who has zero housing experience and claims a law degree the school says she never earned — to run the office that oversees federal housing programs in New York.

       The Trump administration cancelled a program that protects immigrant parents from deportation.

       The Associated Press reported that Vornado Realty Trust, a company that owns buildings with Trump and Jared Kushners family business, is a finalist for a $1.7 billion contract to build the FBIs new headquarters.

       Iraqi Christians targeted for deportation by the Trump administration face a death sentence in Iraq.

Saturday, June 17

       Trump criticized deputy attorney general Rosenstein tweeting I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt.

       ICE and private prison operator GEO Group admitted brutally assaulting nine migrant asylum seekers by beating, pepper spraying, and forcing them into hot showers making the pepper spray excruciatingly painful.

       Financial disclosure documents released by the Office of Government Ethics show that Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to major financial institutions, some which are lobbying the federal government to loosen Dodd-Frank Act reforms and the regulation of foreign banks.

       Trumps new financial disclosure revealed that his real estate assets are worth at least $1.4 billion, illustrating the complex financial interests he has maintained.

Sunday, June 18

       Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke rescinded acceptance of the role of deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security.

       A report released by the Treasury, authored by the Wall Street people who made fortunes on both ends of the housing collapse, outlines plans to scrap bank regulations.

       BuzzFeed reported that six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS have resigned because of Trumps regressive health policies and a lack of care.

       A US warplane shot down a Syrian jet after it dropped bombs near US-led coalition Syrian Democratic Force fighters.

       Trumps attorney denied the presidents own assertion that he is under investigation for obstruction of justice.

       The Washington Post reported that an array of legal and political threats hanging over the president has compounded struggles to fill top-level vacancies of the government.