Display Sizes & Specifications
Column Inches:

A column-inch is a measure of space one column wide and one inch tall. Columns in the ICO are 9.5 picas wide, with one pica between columns

Sizes in inches and decimal equivalents are as follows:

1 column (9.5 picas) 1 9.16 inches (1.58")
2 columns (20 picas) 3 5/16 inches (3.33")
3 columns (30.5 picas) 5 1/16 inches (5.08")
4 columns (41 picas) 6 13/16 inches (6.83")
5 columns (51.5 picas) 8 9/16 inches (8.58")
6 columns (62 picas) 10 5/16 inches (10.33)

Advertising Rates & Placement:

All rates are for run-of-paper position. No extra charge is made for thr Barrelhead program in the Services, Auto Services, or Contractors sections, for restaurants and lodging on the Dining pages, or for real estate display on the classified pages. Other special positions will be considered at request only. The Publisher reserves the right to decline any announcment at any time.

Photo and Production Charges:

Space rates include normal composition for announcements, however elaborate design, or copy changes after first submission requiring additional time will be charged at $20.00 per hour. Photo services available at $10.00 per photograph.

Closing Time and Proofs:

All display copy must be submitted before 3:00 p.m., Monday before publication (or the previous Friday on the occasion of a federal holiday). Special advance deadlines may apply to holiday weekend issues or special sections. Photo orders should be placed at least one week in advance of display ad deadline. Announcements may be proofed by prior arrangement. Fax available: (707) 884-1710. Email Display Announcements

Mechanical Information:

Printed offset, camera-ready proofs or slicks acceptable for reproduction. Camera-ready PDF files are also acceptable. Column width 9.5 picas (approx. 1.58"), 1 pica between columns. Page width approximately 10.33", page depth 15". Line screens : 85 to 130 dots per inch.